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What is Pyrotect?

Pyrotect is a brand of motorsports safety equipment, founded in 1972, that has been providing high-quality safety gear to racers around the world for over 45 years. We specialize in manufacturing and distributing auto racing helmets, suits, gloves, shoes, and other related accessories. Our products are designed to meet the highest safety standards, including Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859 certifications, and are used by professional racers, track day enthusiasts, and amateur drivers alike.

Pyrotect’s mission is to provide the best possible protection for drivers, ensuring their safety on the track. We have a team of experts who are constantly innovating and improving their products, using the latest technology and materials to maximize safety and comfort. Pyrotect is dedicated to providing the best customer service and support, and their products are backed by a warranty that guarantees their quality and performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Pyrotect has the safety gear you need to stay protected on the track. Our helmets, suits, gloves, and shoes come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Pyrotect also offers custom designs and graphics, so you can personalize your gear and stand out from the crowd. In addition to their safety gear, Pyrotect also offers a range of accessories, including helmet bags, tear-offs, and replacement parts. We have everything you need to keep your gear in top condition and performing at its best.

Pyrotect has a strong commitment to safety and innovation. Pyrotect was one of the first companies to introduce carbon fiber helmets to the market, and they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with safety gear. Pyrotect is also actively involved in the racing community, sponsoring events and supporting drivers at all levels. If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable safety gear for your next race or track day, Pyrotect is the brand to trust.


Snell SA2020 Rated Auto Racing Helmets

Snell SA2020 is the latest safety certification standard for auto racing helmets introduced by the Snell Memorial Foundation. This non-profit organization is dedicated to developing and promoting safety standards for various types of helmets, including those used in motorsports. The SA2020 standard is the most recent update and includes rigorous testing and performance requirements for impact protection, penetration resistance, retention system strength, and other important safety factors.

This certification standard ensures that the helmets that meet the standard will provide maximum protection to racers. The SA2020 standard also ensures that helmets are designed to withstand high-speed impacts, and are made to prevent any potential injuries that could arise from an accident.

It is important to note that the SA2020 standard is only one of many safety standards for auto racing helmets. Other standards include FIA 8859, DOT, and ECE, among others. Racers should always check the helmet requirements for their particular racing series to ensure they are using a helmet that meets the required safety standards. Pyrotect, offers helmets that meet the SA2020 standard, as well as other safety gear and accessories for racers of all levels.

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SFI and FIA Rated Racing Suits 

A racing suit is an essential piece of safety gear designed for use in motorsports. It is made of high-quality materials and is specifically designed to meet the highest safety standards, including SFI 3.2A/5 and FIA 8859 certifications. These certifications ensure that the racing suits provide maximum protection to drivers in the event of an accident, while also being comfortable and easy to wear. Pyrotect, offers a wide range of racing suits that meet these safety standards, as well as other safety gear and accessories for racers of all levels.

Pyrotect’s racing suits are designed to provide superior protection to drivers while allowing for maximum mobility and comfort. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, from basic one-piece suits to multi-layered suits with custom graphics. The construction of a racing suit is crucial for ensuring maximum protection. Pyrotect’s suits are made of high-quality materials like Nomex, a fire-resistant material that provides excellent heat and flame protection. The suits are also designed with multiple layers of material, which provides additional protection and insulation against heat and fire. The suits are also designed with reinforced seams and stitching to ensure maximum durability and strength.

In addition to being safe and durable, racing suits from Pyrotect are also designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. The suits are designed with a variety of features to help drivers stay cool and comfortable during long races, including ventilation systems and moisture-wicking materials. They also come in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure a perfect fit for every driver. Overall, a racing suit is an essential piece of safety gear that every driver should have. Pyrotect’s racing suits provide superior protection, durability, and comfort, making them the perfect choice for racers of all levels.

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Pyrotect Racing Seats

Pyrotect Racing Seats are specialized seats that are designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous demands of motorsports such as racing, autocross, and other high-performance driving events. They are built with meticulous attention to detail, using only the highest quality materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, and other lightweight and durable materials.

One of the primary goals of Pyrotect Racing Seats is to provide maximum support and protection to the driver during high-speed maneuvers and in the event of an accident. To achieve this, they feature a range of integrated safety features such as head and neck restraints, as well as shoulder and torso support to help prevent injury in the event of a collision. These features help to ensure that the driver is as safe as possible, even in the most extreme driving conditions.

However, Pyrotect Racing Seats are not just about safety. They are also designed with performance in mind. They are lightweight and offer excellent support, helping drivers to maintain control and precision during high-speed maneuvers. This is particularly important for professional drivers who need to perform at their best in competition.

Overall, Pyrotect Racing Seats are an essential component of any high-performance racing vehicle. They provide both safety and performance benefits to the driver, helping to ensure that they can perform at their best while also staying safe behind the wheel. If you are a professional driver or simply someone who enjoys high-performance driving, then Pyrotect Racing Seats are definitely worth considering.

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Fuel Cells

Racing Fuel Cells

A racing fuel cell is a specially designed fuel container that is used in motorsports to provide a constant and reliable source of fuel to the engine. Unlike standard fuel tanks, which are often made of metal and are not designed to withstand the rigors of high-speed racing, racing fuel cells are made of lightweight and durable materials like Kevlar or carbon fiber, and are designed to prevent fuel leakage in the event of a crash or impact. Racing fuel cells also typically feature foam inserts or other baffling systems to prevent fuel slosh and ensure a steady supply of fuel to the engine, even during high-speed turns and acceleration.
Pyrotect offers a range of high-quality racing fuel cells, as well as other safety gear and accessories for racers of all levels. With over 25 years of experience in custom fuel cells, we can fill your needs from grass roots to professional racing teams. Off Road, Circle Track, Formula Cars, Vintage, Rally, Stock Replacement and Marine are just a few of the applications we do.
Our Pyrocell Elite Bladders are top quality and FIA FT3 approved – with an Ultra Durable Double Coated Urethane Fabric Bladder. Approved for all major racing associations. Please contact our knowledgeable sales staff for all your fuel cell needs.
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