Hunsaker Dump cans


Product Description

Hunsaker USA 5, 8, and 11 Gallon QuickFill Dump Cans.

designed for maximum efficiency in all forms of Off-Road & On-Road competition racing. These Dumpcans get the job done quickly and safely. Designed with a 1.5″ O.D.┬áSide vent tube handle, relieves pressure allowing fluid to flow freely without chugging.

#1 QuikFill Dump Can in the Racing Industry!

* Optional (2.25″ or 3.0″ O.D) Stepped Pour Spout
* Manufactured from Heavy Duty Crack Resistant Material.
* Quickest Dumping Can on the Market!
* 1-1/2″ I.D Breather Hole Built into the top of the vent tube handle, also works as a 2nd Fill Location.
* Strategically placed Reinforced gripping handle, offers superior strength, balance and easy handling.
* Exact gallon markings molded in on the side.
* Strap down & Secure capability, prevents theft & easy transportation & storage.